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Tandoori Aloo/Potatoes

My experimentation with the Homdoor/Tandoor continues and this time I tried something a little unusual – baby red bliss potatoes!  Most people in the US either grill cuts of meat, fish or vegetables but in India (where a sizeable percentage of the population is vegetarian), we often grill cheese (Paneer) and sometimes even potatoes.  In fact grilled Paneer is...
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Tandoori/Grilled Whole Fish

I started this food blog in February of 2012 and a few days after I posted some recipes, I got a very encouraging comment from someone who is the marketing director of a tandoor-making company in the US (www.Homdoor.com).  She really liked my blog and asked me if I would like to contribute a recipe to...
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Tandoori Goat/Lamb chops

These chops are the most basic of dishes served at Tandoori restaurants in India. Unfortunately I don’t have a tandoor at my disposal but I make do with an outdoor charcoal grill and the chops come out soft and juicy!  Most people in the US are not used to goat meat but most countries in South Asia and the...
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