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Fennel Seed Flavored Orzo

A few weeks ago, I took a big bowl of this pasta to a tailgate party for my son’s cross country meet. Some of the people liked the dish a lot and asked me for the recipe and so this morning I made another batch of it and took pictures as I went along, so I could upload it...
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Mediterranean Swordfish Pasta

After all the elaborate multi-course meals I made and ate during the Thanksgiving break, I am back to making one dish meals.  The kids are back at college and all the guests have left and now I have the luxury to just relax and not stress over what to make for each meal (at least until the Christmas break...
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Light Pasta Primavera

Every now and then, I get sick of eating meats of any kind and crave something that is vegetarian and healthy.  Pasta Primavera is excellent to satiate such cravings but the creamy Alfredo sauce does quite a number on my guilt gland. So my solution to this persistent guilt is to try something lighter that tastes as good as...
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Rainbow Peppers with Tri-color Pasta

Some years ago I bought several bell pepper plants at the local farmer’s market in Bethesda; not knowing that they were peppers of different colors.  The unexpectedly bright and beautiful harvest was a real pleasant surprise and I made this recipe up to highlight the beauty of the brightly colored peppers.  Now I make this for the family every...
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Creamy Pasta with Roasted Bell Peppers, Petit Peas and Bacon

Recipe for Creamy Pasta with Roasted Bell Peppers, Petit Peas and Bacon


  1. 6-7 Slices of Bacon
  2. One jar of Roasted Red Bell Peppers (or a whole fresh roasted and peeled Bell Pepper)
  3. One cup of frozen Petit Peas.
  4. One medium sized red Onion
  5. 4-5 cloves of fresh Garlic
  6. One tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  7. Parmesan Cheese shaved in slivers (about a 1/3 of a cup or...
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