I am a lawyer by training and I live in Bethesda, Maryland with my one husband, two children and three dogs. I like to read, write, cook, travel and I attempt to do some basic gardening. So starting a food-blog seemed to be a great way to combine all my interests. I grew up in India and moved to the US more than two decades ago to attend graduate school, and just ended up staying on. While growing up in Delhi, I had not even learned to boil water and so in my first few years in the US, I missed good home-cooked food terribly.  Out of sheer necessity, I had to learn to cook.  Upon finishing graduate school, my husband and I started working in the area of international development and so for years we traveled around the world with our two kids in tow. With each new country we moved to, I had to make do with the raw materials that were available there and so was forced to adapt each time.  With each new culture we got to experience, I also got to experiment and expand my culinary repertoire.  From starting out as someone who hated cooking, I now enjoy it immensely.  Now I love to cook for my family, my friends and even my dogs (who, by the way, have the run of the house!)