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Brussels Sprouts, Green Apple and Fennel Slaw

If you’re a regular visitor on my site, you’d know that at one time I used to hate Brussels sprouts and now I can’t get enough of them! I guess the trick is to cook them just enough to soften them but to avoid cooking them too much. The glucosinolate sinigrin in them gives them this typical cabbage-like smell...
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Curried Couscous with Fresh Pomegranate

A few years ago not very many Americans were familiar with Pomegranates. Then someone declared pomegranates to be a “superfood” because they are high in antioxidants and suddenly we started seeing fresh pomegranates and pomegranate Juice in every supermarket.  Several times I saw TV show that did segments on how to peel pomegranates to get to the juicy seeds...
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Warm Confetti Bean Salad With A Maple Mustard Dressing

According to a new study done at Ohio State University, naturally bright colored foods help one fight off cancer.  I suppose this study just reiterates what common sense has told us all along - that brightly colored fruits and veggies are a healthier choice than dull colored starchy or fat laden foods.  I’ve noticed that despite this established fact,...
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