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Teriyaki Salmon and Quinoa Cakes

This summer has gone by in a jiffy! I have no idea how the past few months have whizzed by. I had both my kids at home (from college) and lots of other visitors coming in and out of the house constantly. The result of all this activity was that even though I was cooking for a huge crowd...
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Baked Salmon With A Mango and Avocado Salsa

My experimentation with a gluten-free diet continues.  I suppose it is the beginning of this whole life-style and so it may take me a while to get used to it.  In any case the rest of the family doesn’t need to go gluten-free just because I am experimenting with this new idea. But, I don’t think it is fair...
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Spicy Baked Salmon

There are not too many fish lovers in my family. A possible reason could be that I haven’t as yet found a reliable and inexpensive fish vendor in the area. But the one fish-dish that everyone in the family can agree on is this baked salmon recipe and I am always happy to oblige since it is one of...
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