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Curry Roasted Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Salad

Recently, most of my creations in the kitchen have been vegetarian dishes. Even though I am usually quite a carnivore, I just haven’t had any urge to cook very meaty meals. I seem to be developing a preference for roasted vegetables or light salads and since all these things are actually good for me, I am just going with...
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Lamb Sausage and Fall Vegetables Soup

I love making large pots of soup when the cooler weather starts to set in. Last week I felt the change in weather was quite pronounced because I was traveling abroad for a week and when I came back, the temperature had dropped to the mid-50s at night and there was a definite chill in the air. Even though...
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Thai Red Curry Butternut Squash Soup

The past two days have been nothing but stress! I live just outside of Washington DC and I have been here for the past 20+ years. Over the past two decades I have seen all kinds of weather phenomena come our way but somehow lately the frequency and the intensity of storms hitting the Metro area seem to be...
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Butternut Squash and Leek Soup


1.    One whole butternut squash 2.    One shallot 3.    2-3 cloves of garlic 4.    One large leek 5.    32 oz of chicken or vegetable broth 6.    One teaspoon of salt (or as per taste) 7.    One teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper 8.    A pinch of freshly grated nutmeg 9.    One tablespoon of unsalted butter 10.    Two tablespoons of olive oil 11.    A handful of Pepito seeds for garnishing


1.  ...
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