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Lamb Biryani

It has been a while since I have posted a new recipe to the blog. I usually post two or three recipes per week but somehow the past few days have been very busy and I just did not get a chance to take any pictures while cooking (the process of taking photographs at every stage of cooking a...
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Classic Biryani

This is probably one of the most complicated recipes that I use (takes 2-3 hours to work through it) but if you follow the steps carefully, I assure you that the Biryani will come out as good as that in any restaurant.  Biryani is not difficult to make, it’s just that there are a few too many steps to...
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Vegetarian Jackfruit Biryani

  This may look like a complicated recipe that takes a long time but if you follow the steps methodically, it is not that difficult to make and the result is indeed delicious. It may not be the kind of dish that you would want to make for your family on a weekly basis but it sure is great to...
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