East-Asian Grocery Stores

Korean/Asian Grocery Store:

I have lived in East Asia and so when I want to make any of the recipes that I learned from my friends there and I need to get the specialty ingredients, I head for the Asian store (eg wasabi, picked ginger for sushi, sweet soy sauce, Chinese five spice powder etc…).  Other than that, one can also find a much better variety of fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices (usually 15-20% cheaper than the regular supermarket!).  The only problem is that there is usually no organic option at these stores. There is also a much better variety of fish at the Asian stores (the quality is a bit inconsistent sometimes – so buyer beware!) as well as, cuts of meat that are hard to find at the supermarket (for instance I buy Ox Tail or pork ribs at the Asian Grocery Store. I also buy jasmine rice, tofu, wanton wrappers and all kinds of noodles at Asian stores.


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