Middle-Eastern Grocery Stores

Middle-Eastern Stores:

The best part of Middle-eastern stores is that most of them have a butcher on the premises, who, often will be able to customize cuts of meat that are virtually impossible to find in a conventional supermarket.  I go to these Halal meat shops for fresh and reasonably priced lamb and goat meat. For instance, they sell a whole leg of lamb and upon request (at no extra charge) they de-bone and butterfly the entire leg for me.

I also buy Turkish coffee, favored teas, dried fruit, couscous, olives and feta cheese. I also get specialty ingredients such as tahini paste, jarred grape leaves, Zataar, Labneh and Sumac there.


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    Makkah Market is a Middle East grocery store that offers their products online, making it simple to get those hard to find ingredients with great prices and reasonable shipping.

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