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The Tomato Lover’s Salad

Yes, before you start sending messages or email, let me tell you that I know there are plenty of tomato-haters in this world. Even I, who loves anything tomato (and yes, red and orange are my favorite colors) has produced a child who even as he was in my tummy, defected to the other side. The result was that...
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Slow-cooked Crockpot Marinara Sauce

A lot of Italian dishes need marinara as the base sauce but most people in the US prefer the convenience of the jarred or the canned kind because making Marinara from scratch is long-drawn cumbersome process and can take hours.  Of course, gone are the days of slow cooking the sauce on a stove because very few people have...
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Baby Summer Squash, Tomatoes and Blue Cheese Salad

This time of the year, when the local produce is hitting the supermarkets and farmer’s markets, I try to eat my vegetables in their raw form because they taste amazingly good. Of course, if the vegetables are from your backyard, they are super fresh and cooking them is probably squandering away some of their vitamins and definitely their taste....
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