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Baby Eggplant Tagine

I have an old friend coming over for dinner tonight and he told me that prefers to eat vegetarian meals. So I racked my head for a bit and decided to make a vegetable tagine. In any case, I had bought a couple of ceramic/terracotta Tagines from William Sonoma a few weeks ago and after much procrastination and foot-dragging,...
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Rustic Curried Chicken, Mushroom and Fennel Stew

I usually draw inspiration from dishes made by others or those that I have eaten in restaurants or while traveling to a new place, but this stew came out of nowhere! I had some chicken thighs lying in the refrigerator and since I didn’t want them to go bad, I had to use it in something. Somehow I am...
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Ground Meat/Keema Curry with Fresh Dill

Ground Meat Curry or Keema Curry as it is known in Hindi/Urdu is a standard recipe that most Indian households (that are not vegetarian) are familiar with. It has been a staple at my place too – especially since it’s relatively easy to cook and tastes great! But my standard recipe (which a combination of how my mom and...
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