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Eggplant Polenta Bites

Over the past few days I have noticed that a lot of the food blogs based in the US have been posting recipes for finger foods or appetizers that they recommend for Superbowl parties. I live in Maryland and even though I am not a football fan (I am a die-hard soccer freak instead!) I feel that this year...
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Warm Polenta and Heirloom Tomato Salad

Over the last 3 days my brain had been on over-drive trying to figure out how best to utilize the left-over bounty of Curry Leaves so generously given to me by a friend.  In India, a dish that contains Curry Leaves as an essential ingredient is called Khaman Dhokla (a savory steamed cake made from a lentil batter).  I...
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Polenta Casserole

This is a recipe devised by my college-going daughter.  She prefers to eat vegetarian and found that there were very few vegetarian choices in the college’s cafeteria.  Also, they tended to repeat the same old same stuff every day and she longed for something different. So she threw in a few ingredients she had in her pantry and refrigerator...
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