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Edamame, Beets and Pomegranate Salad

I haven’t been able to upload very many blog entrees this whole summer. I guess, with my two kids back from college, the poor blog-baby got neglected. But now that the summer is over and the kids are busy with their own lives, some normalcy has returned to my household and I have gotten back to doing some of...
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Tuna Tataki Flatbread Pizza

I have now been running this blog for almost four years and over the course of this time, my family’s eating habits have changed entirely. We were always into food and I’ve always experimented with various kinds of cuisines (mostly because traveling to different parts of the world has exposed us to different kinds of foods) but this blog...
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Panera Copycat Soufflé

Every once in a while my kids and I get Panera soufflés for a weekend brunch. Come to think of it, I don’t know why they are called soufflés because they aren’t really soufflés – they are closer to being a quiche than a soufflé. But whatever they are, they sure are delicious. I love the puff pastry crust...
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Indonesian Grilled Bronzini

Over the past twenty years I’ve traveled to Indonesia many times but my fascination with that country, its culture, its people, its cuisine and even its politics continues. For one, the country is comprised of thousands of islands and that is why there is immense diversity there. No matter how many times I visit Indonesia, I always find new...
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Beet-Aloo Tikki/Croquette with Goat Cheese Filling

Recently, through the miracle of facebook, I reconnected with my best friend from 5th and 6th grade!!! She left the school in 7th grade and we lost touch after that. But, there is something to be said for old friendships. We met after almost forty years and as soon as we got going, there was no stopping us. It’s...
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